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Steve “FRANCHISE” Frances


Prison Break Tattoos welcomed Steve “FRANCHISE” Francis tonight to 5306 Washington Avenue. Thank you for getting “INKED-UP” and for your support of Prison Break Tattoos.

Come see the ONLY TRUE THEME SHOP in Houston Texas and the only Prison Break theme shop in the country.

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High Heels ‘n Mohawks


Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Prophesy Series….Behind the scenes

So our next project is in full swing…with one shoot down…two to go!  There is soo much that goes on behind the scenes for all of our shoots…but this one especially.  For this project we are partnering with Prison Break Tattoos to create some amazing images!  So we have the concept for the series…(which will not be revealed at this time) **suspense builder**  and I have some key pieces that I have to create….because crowns and capes are not always on sale.  😉

Below is a shot of my creation station…yes, it may look like a small disaster…but that is how I like it…

The crown was put together with a ton of different wire, wrapped, braided, and twisted around.  Take a moment to also admire my silver surfer pumps.. 😉
With the crown almost complete…it was time to move on to the cape…(courtesy of your local thrift store) we found an emerald green dress…this dress…will turn into our cape…
Snack time?  Not quite…I used cardboard from this box to pin into the dress to give it a tall collar.
The cool part about this project is that the awesome Christopher d’Arnelle from Prison Break Tattoos is drawing amaazing images on each model that we shoot.  We looked up some sceptor images that we thought were cool to give him an idea of what we wanted…and of course he nailed it!
Here you can see Chris giving AJ his first (and only) tattoo!  It came out even better than we could have imagined!  AJ can’t wait to go back for his first real one now!  :)

Nadiah was getting into the mood for a tattoo..she opted for the mustache and beard….classy..
Here you can see our work coming together….almost ready to shoot!!!
Oh yeah…there is also a horse in the shoot…not just any horse…one from the world famous Arabian Horse trainer Rhita McNaire.  She is seriously the sweetest woman we have ever met!

So I bet you can’t wait to see the final image right????  Well that’s awesome..because it will be revealed online THIS FRIDAY 12/13/13!  Stay tuned…and see if you can figure out what our series represents….only time will tell…

**All 3 images will be displayed/for sale at Prison Break Tattoos in January…stay tuned for event details**

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